Saturday, November 25, 2006

Weird Football Weekend

This weekend, I'm cheering against Arkansas (my wife's favorite team, and therefore one I generally cheer for unless they're playing Miami or Michigan), and for hated rivals Notre Dame and Florida State. All these teams, of course, would help Michigan greatly, especially Notre Dame if they can squeak by USC.

BTW, to anyone who isn't in favor of a Michigan-TOSU rematch, I'd ask this: name one team, apart from TOSU, that's better than Michigan. I'm fairly confident you can't do it.

In any event, it's a bizarre weekend. Cheering for Florida State and Notre Dame makes my stomach churn.


Speaking of stomach churning, this is not. (Hey, good segue into a recipe, huh?)

I don't like to go all Martha Stewart on you (insert insider trading joke here), but I had to share a recipe I came up with this weekend for leftover Thanksgiving turkey. Try it, and I guarantee you'll like it, unless you're keeping kosher (shalom and l'chaim), or are a vegetarian (pussy). "Southwest Turkey Club" is probably the most accurate name for this creation, but you can call it "Phil's Turkey Club". Or pass it off as your own and thank me later. Whichever.

- leftover Thanksgiving turkey (you can use turkey cold cuts, I suppose, but it's probably not as good)
- thick sliced bread (preferably Texas toast-style, but a loaf of fresh-baked Italian will work just as well if sliced a good 1.5 to 2 inches thick)
- bacon
- lettuce
- tomato
- mayo
- chipotle pepper (these usually come canned, and at least in my supermarket, in the "international" section, which is their way of saying "overpriced")
- pepper cheddar cheese (pepper jack will also work)

- toast the bread lightly
- dice the pepper (and whatever you do, do NOT rub your eyes or take a leak before you wash your hands after such dicing)
- mix about 3 tablespoons mayo and 1 diced pepper (if you like it really spicy, use more chipotle peppers)
- pile turkey on the bread, along with bacon, cheese, lettuce and tomato, then spread the chipotle mayo on the bread and serve
- eat and enjoy


Blogger dl004d said...

Meh, we've already seen Michigan-Ohio State.

USC is probably better than Michigan. Maybe Florida too. And I'm certain Wisconsin would beat Michigan if they played again (the Badgers improved greatly after losing to Michigan earlier in the year).

I'm just glad the Big East teams are finally losing...

6:52 PM  
Blogger Nick said...

Let's put it this way. What's the home field advantage, 3 to 3.5 points?

Essentially this means OSU/Mich played to a draw. I'm not sure how you can say Michigan lost their chance.

Of course, Southern Cal may've seized the opportunity tonight.

3:47 AM  
Blogger dl004d said...

It doesn't work that way. If Michigan had lost by only 1 point, you couldn't just award them the game because you determine they overcame the 3-point home field advantage. They lost the game. Period.

And thus they finished in second place in their conference. You should have to win your conference to compete in the national championship game.

As a side note, it would be weird to see the Michigan-OSU matchup away from campus and thousands of miles away in the Arizona desert. It would be like trying to recreate the Red Sox-Yankees rivlary by having them play a series in Mexico City.

11:07 AM  
Blogger Landon said...

There is no doubt a Red Sox - Yankees game in Mexico City would sell out.

Ohio State turned the ball over THREE times - TWICE in the second half on fumbles. I kinda feel like Ohio State kept Michigan in the game more than Michigan kept it close.

Still, USC DID lose to a weak team. That said, they've beaten FOUR ranked opponents, while Michigan has beaten ONE (both beat ND and by about the same score).

I think USC did enough to prove they deserve a shot in the title game. Michigan had their chance and lost. While I wouldn't be ticked to see the rematch, all the people trying to get it should remember they had a chance to go the title game and didn't come through. Meanwhile, USC has played a harder schedule and been VERY impressive in their own right.

In short, there isn't a clear right or wrong. I'd rather see USC take a shot at Ohio State than the rematch, myself, and I think there is plenty to look at that justifies it.

3:06 PM  
Blogger dl004d said...

Michigan has beaten two ranked teams (#10 Notre Dame and #7 Wisconsin). But you're right -- it seemed obvious that Ohio State is a better team than Michigan. And they'd likely smack them again if they have a re-match.

8:51 PM  
Blogger Phunwin said...

I do not understand the whole "we've seen this game before, so forget the rematch" thinking. Isn't the point to get the best two teams in the country?

Michigan lost to TOSU by 3 in Columbus.
USC lost to Oregon Freakin' State.
Florida lost to Auburn (but they're going to lose to Arkansas too, so forget them).

I think you severely underrate Michigan, Dave. Wisconsin would have beaten them later in the year? I think not. They beat Illinois by six, in Madison no less. They beat Iowa and Penn State in down years for both, by three points each. Then they topped it off by thumping a school that's barely Division 1-A calibre. I'm not buying that closing stretch as showing enough improvement to reverse a 14 point loss to Michigan.

One can say "yeah, the Bucks played a sloppy second half and the Wolverines were lucky to be in it", but the fact remains that Michigan's probably a boneheaded personal foul away from winning that game. If Shawn Crable doesn't hit Troy Smith as he's going out of bounds (the call was absolutely right, btw, lest anyone thinks I'm complaining about it), Michigan gets the ball back with plenty of time, a 4 point deficit, and a white-hot offense.

But, it's a moot point. It's going to be USC.

7:47 AM  
Blogger dl004d said...

We've seen plenty of times in sports when the best two teams came from the same division or conference. In this case, it may be that Michigan is the 2nd-best team in the country. But college football shouldn't be set up to allow a team to finish 1st in the country if it finished SECOND in its own conference. That is, the conference races should be of utmost importance and should dictate which teams a conference sends to the BCS bowls.

As for my Wisconsin homerism...

Wisconsin turned in a clunker against Illinois, true. (Although for that matter so did Ohio State, which almost LOST to Illinois!) And Michigan turned in a clunker at home against Ball State.

Big deal. (Although just to correct your post, Wisconsin beat Penn State by 10 points, not by 3.)

Part of the reason, of course, for Wisconsin's weak schedule is because Oregon State backed out of their game just months before the season, leaving the Badgers struggling to find a team on such short notice.

9:31 AM  

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